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FeetUp Yoga: Top 10 Yoga Asanas with your FeetUp® Trainer

Der FeetUp® Trainer eignet sich nicht nur wunderbar zum Erlernen von Umkehrhaltungen, er unterstützt dich außerdem bei der richtigen Haltung deiner Yoga-Stellungen. Heute möchten wir dir unsere 10 Lieblings-Yoga-Posen mit unserem FeetUp Trainer vorstellen. Also auf zum FeetUp und los geht's.


Acrobatics-Master Fons Bennink: I can recommend FeetUp® to everyone

Fons Bennink and the FeetUP® Trainer have become good friends!

My name is Fons and I have been acrobatics teacher in Holland for over 30 years. During this time, I have seen a lot of crazy exercises and workout tools. Anyone who knows Holland knows that we like things a bit unconventional. Thus, the FeetUp suits us perfectly, which is why I was happy to try it in my class. :-)


Yoga for kids: FeetUp & Patrick Broome Yoga donate 20 FeetUp® Trainers to the Kreisjugendring Munich

Yoga is not only good for adults. Even children benefit from the regular training on the mat. Yoga is proven to promote concentration as well as physical fitness, balance and coordination. For this reason, Kilian Trenkle, inventor of the "FeetUp" yoga trainer, and Patrick Broome, yoga teacher of the national team, support the project "Yoga for Kids" and donate 20 FeetUp trainers to social institutions of the Kreisjugendring Munich.