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The FeetUp Trainer helps you achieve inverted postures in a unique and gentle way. Bodyweight is spread evenly across the shoulders, allowing your head to gently hang and stretch the cervical spine. Crafted in Europe from sustainably sourced materials, the FeetUp Trainer is the best yoga prop for building more strength, flexibility and balance.

NEW: The 2023 FeetUp Trainer model includes a removable extra cushion. FeetUp’s patented Easy-Click™ solution is quick and easy - no screws or holes required. All models with the "NEW" sign have the Easy Click cushion.

When shipping to non-EU countries (e.g. Switzerland, UK or Norway), custom fees may apply.
Product Details
  • Practice inversions without pressure on your head or neck
  • Create confidence and freedom in your yoga practice
  • Find proper alignment in every pose
  • Master challenging asanas with ease
  • Build strength and increase flexibility while having fun
  • Add countless new exercises to your fitness routine
What's in the package
  • Stable Wood frame
  • Vegan leather or Fabric cover (only for New Honey Chai model) cushion
  • Support Poster with over 100 exercises to explore
  • FeetUp Manual + A Guide to Your First Inversion
  • Hardware Kit - assembles in only 5 minutes!
  • FeetUp Coasters (hands-free smartphone holder)
  • FREE 2 Week trial membership to our training app:
    The FeetUp Experience

Maximum Capacity: 900 kg

Product weight: 4 kg

Dimensions: 64 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm

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Invert with more confidence and control

The FeetUp Trainer helps you enjoy a fully supported inverted yoga practice without any compression on the head or neck. Learn how in just a few short minutes!

Easy for every body and fun for everyone

Whether it's the first time ever or the tenth time today, everyone can enjoy the benefits of inversions right away with a FeetUp Trainer... no matter your age or skill level!

Find more joy and ease in your yoga practice

Explore the endless possibilities of fully supported movement in every direction. The FeetUp Trainer helps to find proper alignment with more control and creativity in your daily practice.

European quality and craftsmanship

Made in Europe with sustainably-sourced materials, each FeetUp Trainer is meticulously crafted with care to provide a lifetime of quality and support.

What sets us apart

Recommended by yoga teachers around the world

"The FeetUp Trainer makes the headstand easy and accessible for anyone at any level. This allows the headstand to be practiced safely, without any prior yoga knowledge." - Dr. Patrick Broome

"The FeetUp Trainer is genius! I've always been a great fan of turning the world upside down. Not only is it a healthy and invigorating practice with the FeetUp Trainer but it often helps me to develop new perspectives. I practice with the FeetUp Trainer on a daily basis." - Christine May

"I really love the FeetUp Trainer. I use it most days - it is great for sirsasana variations, setubandha, forward bends and more. I think it is a must have yoga assistant." - Alaric Newcombe

Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of doing inversions with the FeetUp Trainer?

The FeetUp Trainer helps you achieve inverted postures in a unique and gentle way. Getting your feet up- or putting your heart over your head - has never been safer and more accessible! The weight of your body does not rest on your head, but is evenly spread on your shoulders. The head hangs without strain, allowing your cervical spine to gently stretch itself.

You are able to maintain balance easily by holding onto the FeetUp Trainer's sturdy frame. Thanks to the comfortable cushion, it's easier to relax during an inverted posture for longer periods of time.

Since finding balance with a FeetUp Trainer is much easier than in classic headstand, you will feel much more freedom to explore movement in inversions. This allows you to be playful, build strength and increase flexibility.

How long should I stay upside down?

Every body is unique. We encourage everyone to listen to their body to best answer this question. Experienced yogis can stay inverted for several minutes with practice.

In the beginning, start with a few relaxed grounded inversions (feet on the floor) for a couple deep breaths. Gradually increase the inversion time over the course of a few days. Trust your body to tell you when it's time to move forward!

What is the recommended maximum weight capacity?

The FeetUp Trainer has been lab tested to hold weight up to 2000 lbs (900kg) before showing any sign of breakage or structural degradation.

We recommend users consider the direction and speed of how their body moves instead of a weight limit. Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly! The FeetUp Trainer helps build the body awareness necessary to find an inversion practice that works best for you.

Can I try out a FeetUp Trainer nearby?

Ask your local yoga studio if they have FeetUp Trainers. If they don't, let them know they should! Classic headstands are a leading cause for neck injuries in yoga and don't allow for much exploration. More and more yoga schools are adopting the FeetUp Trainer in their classes because they want to keep their students safe, minimize risks of injury and maximize playfulness!

Inversions Guaranteed!

FeetUp is committed to helping you find joyful ease in your movement practice. If you can't invert comfortably within the first 30 days, let us know and we'll do everything in our power to help you make the most of your investment. If things still don't work out, you can send it back for a full refund.

Every order
plants a new tree

Sustainability is our highest priority. FeetUp has partnered with Trees for the Future to plant one tree for every order made.